Covid 19 Stress


Posted by nellieleoma | Posted in Digital Lessons | Posted on September 5, 2020

The school year has started for the 2020-21 term. I am an old school science teacher. Labs are how I teach content material to my students. I feel mournful for the loss of the ability to provide lessons that explore the world through labs with my students this year. I’m looking for digital labs and content. I have a limited budget and 131 students. I have been recording demonstrations for the students to use to complete lab papers. I want to use many strategies to present content, so that my students do not get bored and learning of content is optimized. I know other teachers out there are just like me. We are searching for solutions and transforming our teaching into digital formats. We are discovering things that we did not know even existed in our pursuit to teach the best way we can during the pandemic. I know I will be forever changed by this school year. I have completely transferred all of my lessons to my school’s online learning management system. We are paperless! I hope to find and share resources with my building colleagues, my professional learning community, and follow bloggers.

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